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Toilet Partition Hardware and Washroom Accessories

Toilet Partition Hardware

Replacement Window and Door Hardware

Window & Door Replacement Hardware

Folding Gym Door Parts, Maintenance and Repair

Folding Gym Door Repair

Supplier of Aftermarket Parts to Public & Private Facilities


WielhouwerRH is still operating as we are deemed an essential service and will continue to be committed to our clients requirements.

Our clients safety and health is priority and we look forward to continuing working together.

Online Replacement Hardware Catalogue
You can download our Replacement Hardware Catalogue, browse by hardware type or application, or search our catalogue online.

- A $35.00 minimum applies to all orders.

- A 100 minimum quantity order applies to all chair glides, inserts and caster inserts and are sold on a commercial basis only.

Hard-to-Find Replacement Hardware

We stock many more items than displayed in our catalogue, and we are experts in replacing hard-to-find or obsolete parts. Simply send a photo of the part by email or send us a sample.

One Source for Replacement Hardware

Wielhouwer Replacement Hardware is your source for:

Representing Manufacturers including:

  • ASI Group Watrous
  • Canaropa
  • Colson Group Canada
  • Essentra Components
  • Frost Products Ltd.
  • Gallery Specialties
  • Hadrian
  • Jacknob Corp.
  • Pemko/Markar Canada
  • Security Mirror Industries
  • Truth Hardware

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